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2017 Young Engineers Design Challenge

Owning/managing organization: Big Ass Solutions and University of Kentucky

Program description:
Select schools who successfully applied to participate in the challenge will create a Rube Goldberg machine to rescue Fanny, the Big Ass Solutions mascot, from a ‘cliff’ 4 feet off the ground. Challenge changes year to year.

Program outcomes:
Students will practice both hard and soft engineering skills throughout the challenge. Within their teams, they must select a project leader who will be responsible for communicating with Big Ass Solutions (including weekly professional email updates), keeping their team on task and on time, and helping their team find answers to technical questions by introducing outside experience. In addition, all team members will practice STEM skills such as programming, electronics/robotics, carpentry, and general tinkering.

Time Details: 

Roughly 10 weeks.

Cost Details: 

Free to participate but schools must provide transportation to kickoff, workshops, and competition. Students and teachers will likely want to supplement their materials from Big Ass Solutions.

People Details: 

Teams can have up to 8 students and require a teacher mentor.

Prize Details: 


States Available: 
Submission Details: 

One per school team per year.

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