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Create a School Makerspace

*One submission per school per academic year.*

Program Description:
Schools throughout the country are creating self-contained Makerspaces to allow students to explore, tinker, and create. A Makerspace can include 3-D Printers, tinker toys, robots, legos, or even recycled cardboard. Space-constrained schools can set up their Makerspaces in the library, the cafeteria, or even in the hallways. Be creative! We can't wait to see the unique school-based Makerspaces throughout the state!

Check out these great resource for support in creating your school's Makerspace:
-MakerSpace Resources
-Creating a School Makerspace in 3 Easy Steps
Edutopia - Creating a School Makerspace from Scratch


Cost Details: 

The cost of creating the Makerspace varies widely based on the type of materials you choose. There are several grants available for schools to support this effort. Check them out below!
-Toshiba Teacher Grants
-American Honda Foundation Grants
-Bright Ideas Grants for Schools
-Voya Unsung Heros Grant
-Google RISE Awards 
-Tennessee STEM Innovation Network Grants

People Details: 

Generally, administrators and teachers design and create the Makerspace but input from students can be extremely helpful. You could even turn the design of the Makerspace into a project for students.

States Available: 
Submission Details: 

One submission per school per year

Outcome of the Activity: 

Students will have a place to design, tinker, and create!

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