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*One submission per club per academic year.*
Owning/Managing Organization: MATHCOUNTS Foundation
Program Description: 
The Math Video Challenge is an innovative program that challenges students to create a video that solves a math problem and explains its real-world application. Students have the opportunity to apply their creativity, technology and communications abilities—skills not typically associated with mathematics. 
Outcomes of Program: 
MATHCOUNTS programs are designed to build problem-solving and math skills. With challenging and interesting math problems, as well as innovative and creative programs that tap into a variety of skills, students of all levels become better critical thinkers. 
The inclusive, supportive atmosphere provide by MATHCOUNTS programs also help students feel more confident in their abilities, preparing them to continue with STEM and persevere in the face of challenges.  
**Educators who register for this program receive what we call a Club in a Box kit, which includes activity ideas, hands-on materials and student prizes...all for free! They also receive online access to even more math resources and content exclusively for club leaders.
Time Details: 

Groups must have regular, in-person meetings throughout the year.

Cost Details: 


People Details: 

Middle school group of at least 4 students, though as many students who are interested can participate in club meetings.

Prize Details: 

The club leader and students from the club that wins the Grand Prize Drawing attend the National Competition, which takes place in May. These 5 individuals get an all-expenses-paid trip to attend this event as honored guests. The club also receives $500.

Submission Details: 

One per club per year.

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