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Medtronic Robotics Challenge

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Activity Description: 

Students construct a robot to complete the challenge and board as depicted by the Medtronic sponsor. Teacher would need to have students build the robot and guide the students as they complete their programming. The robot would need a specialized arm to move a block around the board, have sensors to touch walls, and a light sensor to follow a directed path. Students will also need to complete a challenge board as outlined by Medtronic on their website.:

Time Details: 

These teams meet two-three times a week over a course of 3 months working on different parts of their programs. Programs are broken into segments that smaller groups can complete. They also must complete a board explaining their process to solve challenges and problems during their course.

People Details: 

Teams of students 3-5 in size. One to two adults to help facilitate when they get "stuck" and manage any down time between segments.

Prize Details: 

Trophy provided by Medtronic.

Submission Details: 

One submission per team per year.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Students will gain problem solving skills and interdependence amongst team members. Some members will find that they are better suited as builders and some as programmers (self-discovery).
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