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Mr. Bond and The Science Guys

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In Classroom Workshop - hands on science workshops that go along with your curriculum themes. $5 per child - 45 minute program done over as many days as needed. Workshop moves from classroom to classroom. See more than 80 themes here

Assembly Shows - $200 per grade, 45 minute interactive presentation for one grade at a time. Reduced if multiple grades schedule on the same day.

*We have additional programs that require multiple visits and are more in depth. That information can be downloaded from this activity page.

Time Details: 

45 minutes per session in each classroom

Cost Details: 

$5 per child for in-classroom workshop, $200 for a grade show, and $150 per session for in depth courses.

People Details: 

Entire middle school or various classrooms within the school.

Outcome of the Activity: 
Students learn the scientific method, experimental procedures as well as how to handle lab equipment and supplies through group participation.
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