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Newton's Attic Field Trip

Owning/Managing Organization: Newton’s Attic

Program Description:
Newton’s Attic, a 501c3 nonprofit founded in 1998 by Bill Cloyd, is dedicated to providing students with highly unusual educational experiences and providing STEM educational resources to parents, students and teachers at all grade levels. Newton’s Attic has worked with numerous middle and high schools and groups in Fayette and surrounding counties as well as the University of Kentucky, Berea College, EKU, WKU and with students from as far away as Colorado, who have traveled to participate in the unique programs.

Frustrated by the confines of the classroom, Cloyd was inspired to create Newton’s Attic where he developed a highly engaging approach to educating students about the excitement, fun, and career opportunities available to them through physics and engineering. Using the concept of play as the ultimate learning tool, Cloyd now has a library of programs that allow students to engage in hands-on design, fabrication and field-testing of their own mechanical devices in highly energized and competitive environments. Cloyd is a professional mechanical engineer.

Program Outcomes:
The activities and accompanying lessons provide hands-on engagement with concepts such as force, motion, energy, acceleration, velocity, mechanical advantage, aerodynamics, simple machines, engineering skills, and tool use.

Time Details: 

3 to 3.5 hours, plus travel to and from the location

Cost Details: 

$15-$20 per student (price goes down as number of students go up)

People Details: 

Up to 60 students per visit will be broken into groups of 8-15 and rotated through three to five indoor and outdoor stations (weather-permitting). Must have indoor/outdoor clothing, closed toed shoes, and long hair/loose clothing should be tied back.

States Available: 
Submission Details: 

One per school per semester

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