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Out of School Programs at Newton's Attic

Owning/Managing Organization: Newton’s Attic

Program Description:
Newton’s Attic is pleased to offer a variety of half-day programs morning and afternoon on select days when students are out from school. To register for a full day, please select two half-day options and send a sack lunch with your child.

  • Swordcraft (grades 6+): In this class, students will make wooden and pvc swords and learn about engineering related topics such as balance, angular inertia and momentum, and center of percussion. Then, after padding the swords with foam and outfitting each participant with the proper safety gear, the class will introduce students to basic sword handling and sparring techniques. So, get ready to put on your suit of armor, learn some new skills and engage in some high energy medieval fun in this highly creative, engineering intensive class.
  • Camp Catapult (grades 5+): Siege Alert! Look out, it’s time for flying tennis balls, eggs and bags of Jell-O as this camp offers participants the opportunity to design and build a table top size catapult or trebuchet. Students start with a kit of wood, steel, aluminum and plastic parts and create their catapults. When students finish their inventions, they field test them in a fun and exciting activity.
  • Kerbal Space Program (grades 5+): In this computer based camp, students will learn how to use the game software to create and manage their own mini –space program. They construct virtual rockets, launch them into orbit and attempt to do a variety of NASA like activities like dock with a space station, land on the moon, or attempt to mine an asteroid. Although this is a computer game, playing it is not as whimsical as one would think. Students must learn and apply some basic physics, math, engineering and even a little or- bital mechanics as they attempt to become virtual test pilots and astronauts. It’s not just a kid’s computer game, it actually IS rocket science.


Cost Details: 

Cost depends on program - check the website for more information specifics.

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One per student per program.