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Robo Challenge Xtreme

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RCX, or Robo Challenge Xtreme, is a great way to approach STEM requirements in the classroom. RCX is a challenging, yet fun way for your students to expand their knowledge of math and science through a challenging robotics competition. RCX is a team activity designed to strengthen your student’s teamwork skills, communication skills, computer programming and problem solving skills.

By using LEGOs, students and adults find common grounds that bring the two age groups together. Students from elementary through high school may participate in one of 3 divisions. Students are given a box of LEGOs to build element pieces to place on a 4’x8’ mat. Coupled with the annual Challenge Rules and Missions, your students have to design, build, and program a robot to achieve the tasks. Robots are sold separately through LEGO Education. The RCX program is designed for students which are new to the program as well as those involved with RCX for several years. Your robot can use simple math commands to achieve these tasks, or more complex programming by using LEGO sensors.

The 2017-2018 competition is the Body Works Challenge. The future of medicine will involve robotics. The Body Works Challenge will bring you together with your robot, and your robot will mend bones, take blood samples, inject medications and more. Be prepared to program your robot to help you be a better person.

Time Details: 

Materials become available to order in August and will ship in September. The challenge documents become available in October and team registration opens in November. The regional tournaments are held in February/March, with the state championship occurring late March. See the competition website for specific dates.

Cost Details: 

The annual cost for a team to compete in the RCX Tournaments is $195. If you need to purchase a new robot, the cost is approximately $700 per year. More details here:

People Details: 

Schools can enter multiple teams. Teams consist of no more than 10 students.

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Students will engage in STEM curriculum through a robotics challenge.
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United States
39° 55' 6.3372" N, 75° 8' 11.958" W
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