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Super Saturdays

Owning/Managing Organization: The Center for Gifted Studies - WKU

Program Details:
The Center offers two, four-week sessions of Super Saturdays each year, the first in fall and the second in winter. Both sessions are held on Western Kentucky University‘s campus in Bowling Green, KY and at the Kentucky Science Center in Louisville, KY. Choosing from more than 30 classes, students take one class over the course of these four Saturdays. Each session is two-and-a-half hours in length.

Special discussion sessions are held for parents during their child’s classes. These Parent Seminars are led by staff members of The Center as well as other experts in the field of gifted education. Topics vary from session to session but all focus on meeting the needs of children who are gifted and talented.

Program Outcomes:
Programs available for middle school at WKU include:

-Breakout EDU - Escape Challenges for the Curious (Grades 5 & 6) Jeremy Shultz - Clues, codes, riddles, and keys - join this immersive learning game to "break out." Through teamwork and troubleshooting, you will solve a series of challenges and work through hidden contraptions in order to unlock the Breakout box. We’ll mix games and learning in this creative and innovative escape challenge.
-Creating and Coding (Grades 5 & 6) Dianna Wolf - If you like logic, creativeness, and problem solving, this coding class is for you. Join us in innovative hands-on projects and fun challenges as you learn to create multiple products such as games, apps, websites, and more. Learning to code will start you on your way to becoming a Minecraft modder, digital storyteller, game designer, and more. Create, explore, experiment, and build - through coding you can do it all.
-Harry Potter Science (Grades 5 & 6) Robin Tyler and Miranda Estes - What wizards and witches call magic, muggles call science! How can muggles play quidditch with no broomsticks? What would we see if we looked through a pair of Spectrospecs? Could muggles ever make an invisibility cloak? Join us as each week we explore a different magical subject and how we can bring it to life in the muggle world through science.
-Mysteries of the Human Body (Grades 5 & 6) Catherine Malin - The human body is one of the greatest mysteries of all times. Together, we will explore and solve some of the mysteries surrounding medicine, human anatomy and physiology, medical forensics, genetics, and more! Throughout the program, you’ll extract your own DNA, hold a heart, and leave class with a new "working" set of lungs. You’ll apply your new knowledge and solve a medical forensics case and then become a disease detective and stop the next pandemic. Join us on this intriguing journey as we uncover the mysteries of the human body.
-Carnival Ride Camp (Grades 6, 7, & 8) Craig Frey - "Buckle-in" for this enticing, hands-on introduction to the field of mechanical engineering through the modeling of common amusement park rides. You will explore mechanisms and simple machines while building model-size carnival rides. Learning about the engineering design process and Newton’s Laws of Motion was never so much fun. Think Ferris Wheel, spin rides, and future rides just waiting to be invented!
-Rocket Science (Grades 6, 7, & 8) Joe Napier - Blast-off for super fun as we build and launch a high-powered 8 foot tall rocket to over 2000 feet altitude and 250 mph! We’ll learn about forces, mass, gravity, acceleration, momentum, velocity, aerodynamics, stability, chemistry, and computer design and modeling. Come prepared for lots of hands-on action as we fabricate the rocket from scratch. 3-2-1... lift-off! (Last class/launch site to be determined. Parents are responsible for all transportation. Maps and directions will be provided.)

Programs available for middle school at the Kentucky Science Center include:

-Marine Biology (Grades 5 & 6) Kentucky Science Center - From squids to sharks to gars and turtles, explore creatures of the deep and compare them to those found in our own rivers and ponds.
-How Today Was Made (Grades 7 & 8) Kentucky Science Center - How did we go from sewage in the streets to having clean tap water? From over 300 time zones in the United States to 6? From candlesticks to LED light bulbs? Find out as we use the past to help develop the infrastructure for a futuristic city.

Time Details: 

Super Saturdays will meet four (4) consecutive Saturday afternoons (January 28, Februrary 4, 11 and 18, 2017). Students will be in their classes in Bowling Green each Saturday from noon-2:30 p.m. CENTRAL TIME. Classes held at the Kentucky Science Center in Louisville will take place from noon-2:30 p.m. EASTERN TIME. Time will be allotted on the last Saturday for each class to share experiences with parents and other interested individuals.
Applications for Fall Super Saturdays are available in early September each year, and applications for Winter Super Saturdays are available in early December each year. Check The Center’s website for upcoming program dates.

Cost Details: 

$80 per student

States Available: 
Submission Details: 

One per student per semester.