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Visit the Craft Academy MakerSpace

Organization: The Craft Academy for Excellence in Science and Mathematics

Program/activity details:
The Craft Academy MakerSpace is designed to allow student creativity come to life with cutting edge high-tech equipment used to rapid prototype solutions to today’s problems. Equipment and supplies that may be present in the MakerSpace will include electronic work stations, soldering stations, micro controllers, 3D printers, a sewing machine, table top CNC machine, table top Drill Press, Laser printer, and more. The MakerSpace is available for groups to schedule a tour and/or participate in hands-on activities.

Time Details: 

About 1 hour for a tour, 2-3 hours for an activity at the MakerSpace

Cost Details: 

A tour of the MakerSpace is free but there may be materials cost for an activity.

People Details: 

Students can visit the MakerSpace with their classroom or group/team. Special events can be scheduled for elementary schools.

Prize Details: 

Most activities include a takeaway that the participant MAKES himself or herself.

States Available: 
Submission Details: 

One submission per group/team/school per visit.

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