Wed, 2017-11-01 09:01 - Create a School Makerspace by mbertram

Are you a teacher or a student?: 
Which school are you representing?: 
Which activity did you complete?: 
When did you complete this activity?: 
Wednesday, November 1, 2017
How would you rate this activity?: 
Tell me about it! What did you do?: 
We created a maker space with a dedicated computer and a poster printer. The printer has been used to celebrate academic successes, announce contests, make classroom posters, and for other items.
What was the coolest part about it?: 
Students enjoy the creation process.
Why did you select this activity to participate in? How did it support your classroom goals?: 
Students are learning how to use software and create. They also understand how picture compression affects larger posters.
What do you think your students most enjoyed about this activity? What might you do differently next time?: 
Students are learning how to assist one another and not rely on an instructor.
What skills or lessons do you think your students specifically learned? : 
Picture quality, asthetics, cost value