• Eligible submissions must be completed and turned in between the summer of 2017 and May 11, 2018.
  • Student must upload proof of experience. This could be a video, photo or certificate. Evidence must not be identical to others; pictures or videos from an activity must differ from user to user.
  • The submission questions must be answered in complete sentences.
  • Users cannot submit duplicate submissions; points will only be counted for one submission.
  • Reflective content must differ from user to user.


After a student or teacher completes an activity, they go to the submission's page and tell about their experience. Once a student or teacher submits their experience correctly, the amount of points the activity is worth gets added to their school.

Here is a quick overview about the new rules for this year’s competition.

  • No Group Submissions; users (teachers or students) can submit points INDIVIDUALLY by answering questions for themselves only.
  • There is no difference in points between teacher and student submitters. To get more points, get more students/teachers to submit their own experience with activity.
  • The submission capacity for each activity is 25 submissions per school, in order to level the playing field between different school sizes and encourage a diverse portfolio of activities per school.
  • Submissions after cap is reached are still displayed on the school's profile but will not be added to point total.
  • The 2017-2018 point system correlates with the Bloom's Taxonomy elements of educational objectives. 
Wait, Why Blooms?

Bloom's Taxonomy is a known way to invoke higher order questions and thinking, while easily recognizing the learning that is occurring.

What About The Points?
The points are based off of tiers of involvement combined with advanced manufacturing industry elements.


What Are the Maximum Amount of Points for Each Activity?
Points for each activity are determined by where they fall in the tiers of interaction. If the activity directly correlates to the Advanced Manufacturing Industry, it is given bonus points and is classified as a “Finley’s Favorite”. Who is Finley? Check him out here.
What exactly does it mean to be a Finley’s Favorite?
Finley was created from advanced manufacturing elements and that is what MakerMinded is all about! We want to give students an opportunity to be exposed to and gain 21st century STEM skills, specifically those that prepare them for innovative careers in the advanced manufacturing sector. This isn’t your dad’s manufacturing! From robotics to ecofriendly materials, the advanced manufacturing industry reaches a wide spectrum of companies and career options for the next generation to cultivate. 
How do points work with submissions?
After you complete an activity, you go to the submission’s page and tell about your experience. Once you submit your experience correctly, the amount of points your activity is worth gets added to your school.


I, the teacher, led my class in an activity. How do I get our maximum amount of points?

To get maximum amount of points you can have all of your students who participated submit this activity individually. As a teacher, you can also submit your perspective of the activity relating to your class. Each submission must reflect the individual’s perspective. Select teacher (if teacher) or select student (if student) when beginning the submission form. Teachers do not get more points for submitting. Teachers can tell about their decision as a teacher to offer this experience to his or her class as well as how the experience impacted the class as a whole. The more submissions for the activity the more points till the CAP is reached. **Submission Rules must be followed to receive points.

Teacher reflection comment examples

Bad EX. John wrote an essay about Denso. He said he really loved how organized the company was in order to reach a common goal. -Teacher

Good EX. I took my students on this field trip in order to give them insight on a real manufacturing plant. I thought this would be eye opening for them because of what we were studying this week about the design process. **teacher continues to answer prompted questions in complete sentences (Teacher earns points for school visiting Denso: +4)

Student submission examples

Bad EX. I visited Denso. -Student

Good EX. I went on a field trip to Denso and gained insight into a real manufacturing plant. This was eye opening for me because I got to see a lot of what we were studying in the manufacturing design process **student continues to answer prompted questions in complete sentences.

I completed this activity with a group (competitions, team/group activities). How do we get our points?
How does the point cap work?

One More Question?

If you have more questions, send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.